Canada Sports Show is the first large-scale expo in the region providing a platform for companies in the sports sectors to showcase their latest products and services to potential customers.

Our region has well recognized centers of excellence within targeted expo sports sector and business innovation and yet, outside of Toronto, there is no large-scale showcase for companies in these sectors promote to other businesses. Our vision is to create that showcase thus enabling business owners/senior managers to bring themselves up to speed with the latest sports products available, and in turn, help them drive their businesses forward.

What Makes Canada Sports Show

the Most Valuable Experience You Will Have in 2020 ?


Meet with exhibitors who demonstrate latest and customizable sports products, equipment and more that help food processing and packaging companies increase profits. You will attend productive and entertaining networking events with some of the attendees from over multiple countries to exchange ideas and discuss opportunities to partner and expand.


Back by popular demand and unique to CANADA SPORTS SHOW, you can view and hear demonstrations of sports products! See how equipment you can buy right on the show floor works in conjunction with connecting components and how you can incorporate these products into your own plants.


In addition to the show floor activities and exhibitors, you can keep abreast of the latest trends, data, and regulations through educational programming covering practical data on alternative methods of production and automation, as well as sports equipment processing and packaging topics specific to each of the major industry segments. There will also be valuable food safety sessions with tips and insights to take back to implement right away that will help you avoid recalls.