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Prime Expo Canada is Canada’s biggest & premium corporate sourcing exhibition. we have set out the vision of creating a unique platform to bring buyers and sellers of corporate manufacturers and merchandise together. This platform has met with great success for both the groups till date. We have offered a high quality of professional ambiance that enables the right kind of exhibitors, to meet right kind of buyers by offering premium general products that meet their needs. Exhibitors keep bringing innovative product solutions with plenty of variety, making Prime Expo Toronto what it is: Canada’s most awaited sourcing event. So be part of Prime Expo Toronto and attain your targeted turnover in the most direct and efficient manner. Prime Expo is Canada’s No.1 trade fair for multiple products manufacturers. Prime expo allows many industries experts to gather under one roof in Canada to explore more opportunities for their business in Canada. If you are looking for a best opportunity to drive your business forward to success then Prime Expo is the right place for you. Our aim is to move forward in all possible business industries and help you boost your business.

Our Global Vision:

“To deliver contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business.”

Delivering contacts – the essence of what we do; bringing people together for mutual business, professional and personal benefit;

content – customers achieve more at Prime Expo events; more information, more innovation, more education;

and communities – we draw industries and markets together under a common banner, fostering relationships;

with the power to transform – our vision is to offer each and every customer the potential for dramatic change;

your business – we are committed to helping our customers grow their business and to maximize their return on investment. This is measured through improved performance in sales, education, brand building, sourcing, solutions and networking.

Our Values:

At Prime Expo Exhibitions, we have a clear set of values for delivering our vision. These are:

Everything we do is driven by our customers’ needs. We want to be their indispensable partner and have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are committed to providing demonstrably superior products and services with the highest level of quality and excellence. Plus, we strive to be professional in all our customer dealings and are highly valued and respected by our customers.

We put the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people. Our managers are directly responsible for the development of their people and we recognise and reward achievement. What’s more, we enjoy what we do and celebrate success. Our people are empowered to maximise their potential and contribution. Above all, we respect our people, encourage open and honest communication and behave in an ethical and principled manner.

We are determined to outperform and beat the competition i.e. we want to be the best. We are a high energy, fast moving, decisive organisation that has a strong propensity for action. We always execute well and deliver on our intentions. We set aggressive goals and strive to beat them, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable for outstanding results.

We welcome and push change; we challenge the status quo. We encourage our people to be entrepreneurial, take some risks and learn from mistakes. We are ready to make bold moves and decisions. We constantly look for new ideas, and value ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. We keep things simple and minimise bureaucracy.

We welcome the global nature of our business and encourage people to work collaboratively across business units, hierarchy and functions. We constantly strive to break down barriers between organisations and we seek partnerships with customers and suppliers.

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What We Offer

Hear are 3 featured benefits from Prime Expo, meet the best product people in Asia, Europe, America and attend together after the event!

Match Making
We are business matchmaking expert who help our attendees and business to fulfill their dream and expand their business.
Premium Booths
We provide premium booths which allow you to access great customers with huge attraction for your products on display.
At our Expo we have great speakers in seminar events who help you to understand the business and the industry you working in.
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Prime Expo will take place at the iconic Toronto, Canada.